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chelsey c

a year ago I am amazed at the quality of service they provide! I was asked by my hotel manager to collect quotes for phone overlays. Out of 3 companies, 2 responded by attaching a quote/order form without answering any of my questions. When I followed up, both of the other companies were unhelpful (one was even abrasive and rude because I asked a question.) My entire experience with Overtech Inc has been amazing! They responded to my initial email almost immediately! they were incredibly polite and helpful. I emailed several questions to Overtech. Each time they were patient with my lack of expertise on phone overlays and they sent a completed (beautiful) proof back within minutes of receiving a photo of our phone models. Initially I contacted them because of a sample they sent in the mail. the quality of work is so much better than the work done by the company that made our current overlays. (our current thin overlays were made by one of the other two companies I had contacted.) My GM and I were already in disbelief about our wonderful experience with Overtech…. and then they told us the time needed for completion! My GM honestly thought I was either lying, mistaken, or joking because of how quick it would be! Don’t even waste your time shopping around! order from Overtech. The prices seem competitive and the quality is far better than others I have seen. It has been a very long time since I have been EXCITED about telling others about a company, but I truly feel like every hotel should order from them! to Overtech Inc, thanks again for making this “project” so quick and painless for me!

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