Hospitality Printing

What experience do you have?

We have been in business since 1992. We manufacture over 55 brand names with over 1 million Designation Strips and Plastic Overlays in inventory at all times. This enables us to ship most orders same day, worldwide. OvertechCO is equipped to handle small family owned operations as well as large manufacturers who order quantities in the thousands. We have done hospitality faceplates throughout this time. We have done faceplates for thousands of different clients.

Why are your faceplates so much cheaper than your competitors?

We normally print and make hospitality faceplates for other companies that either sell hospitality phones, or resell our product bundled with other items. We are a manufacturer that prints and die-cuts our products in house. Most of those selling faceplates do not actually make and print their products. We do. This allows us to sell them at a much lower price, though still have the high quality that one should expect.

What is the quality of your faceplates?

Our faceplates are designed and printed in our workshop. All are printed in a four-color process and our faceplates are printed on 80 lb. – Cover Stock. (100 lb. Cover Gloss for Full Coverage Color.) That way it’s a thick stock that is durable that doesn’t easily damage, fold, or rip.

What telephone models can you make faceplates for?

We do most of the more popular telephone models.

All Teledex Diamond Models • Most Telematrix Models • Most Inn Touch Hospitality Models • Ez-Elite Models • VTech A2XXX Models • Some Bittel Models • All Opal Models • Many More…

If you have questions, always feel free to e-mail or fax over a scan, drawing, or photo of your phone and we will get back to you quickly on availability.

Do you do vinyl faceplates?

We currently do not offer ‘printed vinyl faceplates’. We do offer the plastic that goes over faceplates, but we do not print on vinyl.

Do you charge any set-up or any other fees?

We do not charge for any fees beyond the initial stated price. This includes printing in color, set-up, or any other fee that many other business tend to include. The only additional fee would be for room numbers.

How do I order? How is proofing handled?

First you can send over an e-mail, image, photo, or fax of your faceplate. This can either be your existing faceplate, or write down directions and e-mail them over to From there, we will make a proof within 24 hours and e-mail it back to you.

From there, you can sign off and the faceplates will be created, or you send the proof back with additional changes. If additional changes are needed, then we make those changes, and send you a new proof.

Proofs are sent back and forth until the faceplate looks exactly as you wish. Once signed off, the faceplates will be created and sent to you, normally shipped out within 2 business days of being signed off on.

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